Adobe Lightroom has undoubtedly established itself as one of the best RAW image editors on the market. It offers a slick interface, quick performance, and very good image quality. Its utility can be enhanced even further with the use of presets. However, is spending good money to get these presets a good option? Let’s find out.

We’ll begin our discussion with a website called Delicious Presets and then discuss other viable options later. Such websites promise that the presets they offer will dramatically augment the quality of your photos and save your time that is wasted in editing regardless of the software you may be using.


These offers are usually aimed at wedding and event photographers. At first glance, these presets may seem to cost a little too much at around $40 per set. Even if they do provide great image editing quality, you can get full image editors at this kind of price. So the real question is why anyone would want to pay so much for separate presets that may or may not even work as advertised? Why not use another editor that is cheaper than Lightroom and comes with presets installed already that can even be tried out for free before paying up?

Enter Luminar – A Serious Alternative

Luminar has made a name for itself thanks to its ease of use and large number of serious editing features. It is quickly becoming a professional grade RAW photo editor with its customizable workspaces, layer control, and much more.

Presets have become a hallmark of Macphun’s editing programs, and Luminar has followed the footsteps. Whether it’s experienced photographers or brand new users, they can instantly start using Luminar’s inventory of over 50 quick presets. All presets have been organized in categories like Basic, Dramatic, Outdoor, Street, Portrait, and Travel to name a few. These presets are available with instant previews to help the user get a better understanding of the final result.


The available presets can completely change the look of a photograph with the click of a button. Further tweaking can be made to the image that can include color correction, exposure settings and adjusting the opacity of the preset used. As presets can easily overdo the quality of the photo by over exposing or extra saturation, it is always advised that the presets are used on slightly lower opacity for best results. They are super easy to use and if you still find yourself struggling then there are a ton of tutorials available on their website.
Added to that, if that isn’t good enough then three more preset bundles created by professional photographers are instantly available on the website as free downloads from the app right after purchasing it.

At times you may also find the category-based presets restrictive. The application also lets you overview and override them so that you may easily access them. You are also able to develop customized presets after you get the hang of what setting to fiddle with.

So when you have programs like Luminar with its built in presets and easy usability, do you really need to spend extra on getting iffy presets for Lightroom?


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