Family moments are the most exciting ones we want to remember throughout entire life. Watching your baby making first steps is marvelous! Family album depicts all happy moments related to the dearest people in your life. Making them stylish and more stunning is easy. Free newborn Lightroom presets are designed directly for this purpose.

Most people go several photos and choose the best ones for the album wasting hours of time. Newborn Lightroom presets will put an ease on the process letting you become an editor. Just select a collection of styles and themes and download the Lightroom presets free.
What are the most innovative Newborn Lightroom Editing Tools?
Newborn templates were developed to let you take the challenge of editing baby photos. Every preset was designed to:

  • match your retouching requirements;
  • create creamier tones;
  • make the lines softer;
  • produce black & white or still images.

You may select various collections to suit your needs. Whether you shoot outdoors or inside the room, choose a preset that fits your demands. Getting yourself a collection of templates is as easy as 1, 2, 3. They do not call for any unique skills or editing acknowledgment. One click of a mouse is enough to take the fullest of custom editing tools.
They will make the look if the image finished and perfect for both printing or watching on your PC or mobile device. Shooting sessions will be less time-consuming, while the process of picking the best matching photo will take a couple of minutes. All images can be views from various devices without any detriment to their quality. If you prefer experimenting with styles and tones, it is high time you got involved in our amazing collections of templates.
Additional pros include:

  • Compatibility with different Lightroom versions;
  • Compatibility with major OS;
  • Compatibility with various carriers (PC or Mac);
  • JPEG and RAW formats;
  • 100% adjustability;
  • Installation guide in PDF.

As you can see, no exceptional skills are required. The templates are free, while the installation is fast and easy.


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