Suffering from a lack of inspiration when editing images and photos? Are you looking for a photo editing tool to boost your creativity? Lightroom Film Presents the ones to land you a hand. Those fantastic pre-built templates come as an ultimate editing tool for any purpose. Once you need to add a movie-inspired effect to a casual photo, film presets for Lightroom offer everything you may require.
Endless sites and web resources deliver extensive selections of different Lightroom film presets free. Users only have to download them and start using effortlessly turning every image into a masterpiece in seconds. Every time you think of a film-inspired style, you can choose from a collection of templates to match your vision of the image and select the effect you expect.

Lightroom Film Presents Collection

A wide array of template collections makes it simpler for users to deal with images of any type and topic. Hundreds of tools are available online for free. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Presets for wedding images – those tools let you deliver a stunning effect to the most mundane photo in your collection;
  • Light Leaks – is a wide selection of 70+ different presets. Feel free to combine them with any other template for the most overwhelming effect;
  • Pinhole Pro – an excellent choice for experienced editors who can select from over 20 versatile pro instruments for taking photos of the premium level showcasing stunning effects;
  • Vintage Foods – whether you deal with a food blog or foodservice company, you may need to create a recognizable image for the brand. This is where you may need a set of beautiful photos for a website or an app. This collection will let you implement amazing vintage effect in your food photos creating an authentic and exclusive look.

You can create stunning images in any appropriate format. Editing tools are easier to use than you may think. They do not require any unique skills. Some basic Photoshop knowledge will be enough to get involved in an exciting editing process. Get those handy tools now with only one click and no payment!

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