Lightroom has proved to be a handy and efficient multi-image processing tool. It is a good option for amateurs and more dedicated people as well as experts. It comes as a convenient instrument that brings a full-cycle service when sorting, importing, storing, editing and creating new images. It features an endless list of tools that let users handle the building of:

  • slideshows;
  • books;
  • albums;
  • image collections and much more.

At the same time, it has proved to be a useful tool when editing images and making more stunning and capturing photos utilizing Lightroom plugins. As time goes by, there appear more new plugins. They have turned into a new fashion trend every designer has to follow. We want you to keep in touch with those trends effortlessly. This is why we have conducted a list of best Lightroom plugins in 2017. Stay tuned to know more.

#1 – Aurora HDR – Essential Editor for Mac

You will hardly find a better and more complete HDR image editor for your Mac powered laptop. It has already made a name for itself among designers and gained the reputation of yet the most advanced photo editor available for Mac.
The instrument lets you handle with HDR images besides:

  • Effect masking;
  • Tone mapping;
  • RAW and more.

You are free to load up your images in any format. After you are done, just watch the editor performing its magic show.

#2 – Snapheal – Get Rid of Useless Objects

Every time you need to remove unnecessary objects from your image, this instrument will come as the handiest tool. Just click the left button of your mouse, and that’s it! The editor comes with some extra features and modes. All functions are focused around erasing useless objects on your images. Making pictures perfect has never been easier before.

#3 – Intensify – Highlight Unspotted Details

Every time you are in need of enhancing hidden details or stress some unspotted objects, this plugin will do its magic effortlessly. The instrument can be used for adding extra impressions and colors. Moreover, it handles correction of your photo structure. Dull and plain images are no longer a problem as well as a low-quality camera.

#4 – Tonality – Best Choice for B&W Images

Imagine that you need to reveal the lines and shapes of your image, What would you do? How to emphasize the structure, shadows and other issues of the photo? We have an ultimate solution for you. Tonality is the powerful plugin that will let you express all your feelings and emotions in full swing.
High contrast scenes are the best bet for that. The idea is to retain maximum color and contrast from a photo you want to edit. If you fail to do that, have no worries. The plugin will add structure to make your B&W images as capturing and stunning as possible.

#5 – FX Photo Studio – Edit Photos with One Click

You will never find a wider collection of presets. The plugin brings 200+ templates to edit your images and photos with only one click of a mouse. Feel free to express your individuality in every photo in spite of its type or genre. The last set of instruments will make it easy to edit portraits, wedding images, newborn pictures and more.

#6 – Focus – Concentrate on Essentials

If you have a medium camera that is not equipped with powerful lenses or does not feature various filters, Focus plugin may certainly help. It comes with several essential presets that will let you deal with any of the following with only one click:

  • Portraits;
  • Architecture;
  • Nature;
  • Tit-Shift;
  • Micro and more.

Creating stunning custom effects is no longer a problem if you have this particular instrument. Blur details, masking, dragging, focusing on more information – everything looks more comfortable with Focus, right? The plugin is easily customizable. Feel free to set the radius of the lens by your needs.

#7 – Noiseless – Get Rid of Digital Noise

Some cameras have sensors that automatically capture the surrounding world and objects in it with a pinch of digital noise. You have probably spotted grainy field that highlights randomly colored pixels. This is actually what we call digital sound.

You may not notice it when it comes to small dimensions, But once you get an image to a bigger screen, they are probably the ones to spoil your mood. Noiseless is an excellent solution to that problem. The plugin enlarges different objects on the photo to let you compare them side-by-side. It recreates all natural colors while angles and other parameters are also the same.

#8 – Creative Kit – Express Your Creativity

Creative Kit is a fully packaged collection of 6 different apps. In other words, you can get 500 different presets in one plugin. With so many innovative and creative tools, you can quickly elevate your editing experience and bring it to a higher level. Achieve amazing results at short notice.

#9 – Luminar – Edit Like a Professional

Here we are! It is high time for a complete tool on our list of best Lightroom plugins 2017. Also available for Mac, Luminar is the ultimate image editor and the first ever professional editing instrument aimed at making complex processes easier and faster.

The tool comes with a set of creative filters, plugins, workspaces and presets to adapt your particular needs to the slightest detail on the photo. 40 versatile screens with layered textures in addition to 300+ powerful instruments and 70 presets you will never find in any other plugin. This is what we call professional result.

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